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Apr 21, 2017
Where can I find a 4k bluray player that I can connect to my late 2015 21.5" 4k retina iMac?


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Apr 21, 2017
There's not a cheaper option?
A user on apple community said this:

rule of thumb is that unless the manufacture spc. state lack of support then optical devices is a one size fit all generic driver which works across all computers from windows, linux to osx

you need special osx software to play the movies though"
Do you just want a player, not a writer? I've had a couple of these Buffalo drives for years reading DVDs and BluRays and writing DVDs without a glitch:
Yes I just want a player, does that play 4k blu-rays, because it looks like it doesn't?
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Sep 1, 2007
I did say 'may'! For mine think the Sonnet Technologies would be the way to go.
Commercial 4K discs require Windows 10 and a Kaby Lake processor. There is only one real caveat. If you burn your own content that is not DRM protected, I suspect you can play it back via disc on something like this But why would you do that instead of just playing the file from your hard drive? And when I deliver content to a distributor, especially 4K, these days they expect a hard drive with media.


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Jan 8, 2012
For direct disc decoding you Mac lacks the required hardware even if you had a drive capable of UHD BD playback. And aside from lacking the hardware decoder there are some superficial barriers in place as well.

Honestly I wouldn't worry about it anyway. Even in 2017 1080p BD players (software) suck. If you are willing to spend some cash you can get some that are only mildly abysmal. And thats for standard BD, for UHD BD forget about it. This applies to PCs as well.

Its better, cheaper, and maybe even easier experience to rip the BD contents using makemkv, watch it via VLC and then delete it compared to just playing the disc some of the time. I don't believe UHD BD encryption has been cracked yet for ripping although once it is this won't require any special hardware (BDXL compatible BD drive).
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