Where to find Apple IIc 5-Pin DIN to DB-9 Serial Cable?


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Jul 12, 2011
Got an Apple IIc a while back I was hoping to use as a terminal for my Xserve, but the 5-Pin DIN sockets were not something I was prepared for, despite my hefty collection of 80's Apple oddities.

RetroFloppy have exactly what I'm looking for here but unfortunately neither they nor anyone else I can find who makes them ships outside of the USA.

I can find DB-25 cables in Europe but no DB-9 ones. Anyone got ideas for where to look?


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Jun 13, 2011
eBay is my first stop for such things, I can find a DB-9 to 9 pin DIN cables, and then a 9 pin to 5 pin DIN adapter on the UK site for example.