Where to find good Flash CS3 help

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Michael CM1, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Michael CM1 macrumors 603

    Feb 4, 2008
    I'm trying to learn how to do some very basic stuff in Flash, but it's quite hard to figure out. I kinda get Photoshop and Illustrator, but this thing throws me for a loop. All I want to do is have a stinkin' banner ad that has a neat transition between two pictures and set it on a timer. Yet this is like open-heart surgery in Flash.

    So I wanted to see if you guys (and gals) knew a good place to find such help. I'm learning this on my own, so it's not like I have taken a class on it. I thought it would be much easier, but there's a lot of useless old information on the Net for old Flash versions.

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. sharky05 macrumors regular

    Dec 9, 2007
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    Layers Magazine isn't specifically flash, but their podcasts are great;


    You can look for the podcasts which deal with Flash stuff and also look at the tutorials on their site.
  4. Michael CM1 thread starter macrumors 603

    Feb 4, 2008
    That looks like exactly what I need. I'm going to mess around with it this weekend. It looks like there's a lot I can do once I just figure out a few basics, but those basics aren't similar to anything I've used before.

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