Where to find reasonably priced leather bands?


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Jan 18, 2010
I put in a pre-order last night for an aluminum (Space Grey) Apple Watch 4 with the black sport band.

I really dig the look of leather bands with this watch. I checked the Apple website, and the only leather bands I see them selling are insanely expensive Hermes bands (no thank you).

This being my first Apple Watch, I'm not familiar with any other brands outside of Apple that are good and have quality reputations.

Anyone have any brand suggestions I should look into for leather bands?


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Mar 8, 2012
There were some properly authentic looking Hermes replica straps from a seller on TaoBao. Seen pictures of them in the Hermes thread. Links to that seller are dead now though unfortunately. Keeping my eye out in case replicas of that quality pop up again..


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Jul 16, 2015
Bellingham, WA
Clockwork Synergy has some leather bands in the $35 to $45 USD range. I have a couple of their bands, including a nice leather one that I wear most of the time. They are a good company in terms of finish and support. I had a problem with an older style lug, and they sent me a whole new watch band with a newer style lug that I've been wearing a couple of years.

Also lots of options on Etsy, Amazon, etc. Just be sure you read the Amazon reviews carefully to see if people are happy with what they receive. I have a cheap leather loop knockoff that I enjoyed wearing until it started to peel. It lasted a good year, which for $25 isn't bad. I plan to get another, because the leather loop (okay, "leather" should be in quotes for the cheap knockoffs) was probably my favorite to wear while it lasted.
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