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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dlomax1512, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Hi guys,

    Long time iPhone user, but brand new Mac user here, and this is my first post on this forum! I just bought what was suppose to be a lightly used 2011 MacBook Pro that was completely stock off of eBay, and got what I thought was a great deal since it's in perfect shape. but today I just discovered that the computer in fact has a Toshiba hard drive, just like a Windows machine! >.< I suppose I could try to get a refund since the seller claimed the computer was 100% Apple with no third party parts, but I guess I could just use this as an opportunity to buy an Apple solid flash drive and have it installed since I did a decent price on the notebook.
    Looking here at Apple's storage page, I cannot for the life find Apple's solid drives, or any internal hard drives for that matter, thirty party or otherwise. So what are my options?
    Thanks for any advice! :)

    David L.
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    Oct 24, 2009
    -apple uses toshiba and other brands for hard drives in their notebooks.
    -apple does not sell hard drives unless you go to the apple store and they will replace it for a large fee.
    misinformation is whats wrong with ebay and buyers not researching what they buying then blaming the seller.
    go buy any laptop hard drive from best buy or your any computer store and install it.
    good luck
  3. iPhonesandMacs, Feb 28, 2013
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    lots of MacBooks come stock with toshiba drives... Apple does not make their own drives. What kind of macbook did you get? and what are the specs?

    check out this listing... toshiba drive, apple logo on the label. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toshiba-540...Internal_Hard_Disk_Drives&hash=item1e69edfddf

    that is not a good price^ just showing the options, and that there are toshiba stock apple drives
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    Apple does not build everything for Macs.

    having a toshiba hard drive is normal.

    Also, never buy a Hard Drive or RAM from apple its totally overpriced and not special in anyway. Check out newegg.com or macsales.com for cheaper prices (there is more sites, but I'm keeping it simple)
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    Is there anything that they actually build? Maybe the unibody. Some stuff is Apple branded however, even if it is not made by Apple.
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    Tokyo, Japan
    oh god you just made my day LMFAO :D

    Apple uses third party RAM, HDDs, displays and other.
    Not all parts are made by Apple.
    You will never find your "Apple brand SSDs" either.
    The SSD is also by Samsung or Toshiba.

    Please, try contacting the seller asking for a refund due to third party parts and report back what they told you :D
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    LoL I think the only thing thats made by apple is OSX everything is by a third party
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    Apple does not make hard drives, RAM, logic boards, or anything else for that matter in their computers. In fact, you could technically see Apple as a design firm. They design stuff, offload production to china, and sell it back here for an outrageous markup.

    Everything in there is made by a third party.

    My unibody case is machined by Foxconn, my display is samsung, my RAM is hynix, my hard drive is a toshiba, logicboard was made by intel, and it's all been bolted together by Foxconn in china.

    Your MBP having a toshiba hard drive is perfectly normal, your computer is "100% Apple" as you say.

    Apple does not sell hard drives nor RAM except at purchase, and if you want to do this afterwards through them, you'll pay out the a$$.

    If you intend to upgrade the computer, just go on newegg and buy third party quality parts and install them yourself.

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