Where to get good music scores?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by nyzwerewolf, Sep 23, 2009.

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    hey guys,

    I work with video a lot, and most of the time I use music by bands in the video. But sites like youtube/facebook reject the video bc the music is copyrighted.

    I found a site called www.apmmusic.com from Apple/FCS/Resources/Third Party and I love their library. I don't know how their licensing works. I do not have a post production studio or anything major. I am just a student who love to make creative footage with my high def camera. I'd like to know if anyone knows where I can get scores like in apmmusic

    I do not mind paying, but I have a limit in that. If anyone knows a site where I can purchase scores or even free download, can you please let me know? Thank you!
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    Look for music that uses a "Creative Commons" license. Most of this allows re-use of the music. Some restricts commercial re-use but that is not an issue with you.

    Also be sure and use this license for your own work so that others can make stuff using bits of your HD video clips.

    If you google the words "Creative Commons" you will get all the leads you need.

    The other thing that works is to use older music. Stuff that was written 100+ years ago. Some of the on-line sheet music sites supply MIDI files of the sheet music. These files can be hacked in Logic, transposed, assign to different instruments and otherwise made to fit your video.

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    Depending on the video, you can always hire a composer for not too much money, or contact unsigned bands on myspace (there are a lot of great bands) that may want their music in a video to increase their audience. Good luck!
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    theres tons of bands and producers out there that probably wouldnt mind, and like the exposure - especially if you give them alittle bit of cash!

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