Where to get used graphics cards?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MentalVizion, Mar 28, 2015.

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    I would like to finally purchase a used GTX 680, however I have alot of trouble finding one.

    Well, I find plenty of the "other" ones, but I really wanna go with either one of the EVGA SC Signature, or FTW Editions.

    The FTW 4GB Edition would be my top contender though.

    Do some of you know of some places in Europe where I might find one?

    Like some sort of marketplace?

    I already checked ebay. Sadly lost an auction today because I didn't pay attention. It was a FTW 2GB model and went away for 150€.

    For whatever reason I thought once you get overbid, the timer would reset for another 10 seconds or so, giving you time to enter a new bid. Turned out, I recently played to much Fifa Ultimate Team and was using ebay to seldom. (which I have my reasons for).

    In Austria we have www.willhaben.at - which is great, I usually get most of my stuff from there when I get something used. However, 680's are pretty spare there.

    In Germany there's www.kleinanzeigen.ebay.de - Already checked out all of the EVGA's there, most of the people don't even reply.

    So these are the two sites I use regulary to check for a 680, however, no luck so far.

    I'm still pissed at myself because of that 2GB FTW on ebay I could have won... -.-
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    eBay.co.uk is your best bet. Don't forget that as Austria is an EU member that when you purchase from other EU States like the UK you don't pay VAT or customs. As long as the seller will ship to Austria there should be no problem. I just checked on ebay.co.uk & there are plenty of 680s including a couple of FTW models.
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    You can find new and used GTX 680 cards on http://www.amazon.co.uk/

    The prices will be higher than Ebay and vary wildly, but the return policy at Amazon is solid compared to Ebay. Well, it is in the USA, I assume Amazon UK is same or better.

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