Where To Go With My Defective iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Revolution37, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Revolution37 macrumors newbie

    Jul 8, 2013
    I have had my iPhone 5 since January of 2013. It is still under warranty, and I also purchased AppleCare+ when I got the phone.

    Lately, I have been having problems with the brightness, and with the power button. I have noticed that the brightness (I have it set to auto) will randomly jump from very high to very low. Occasionally, it will get stuck on very low brightness when it should actually be on a higher setting, such as when I'm walking outside and it is sunny. I have tried rebooting the phone and that did nothing, so I just turned auto brightness off.

    The other problem has been with the power button on the phone. It is very unresponsive. At first, I was able to click the left side of it and consistently get a response, but even now, I may have to click it 20 or 30 times to shut the screen off. I have the phone in an Otterbox Defender, and have since the day I got it, so they phone itself is actually in very good shape.

    I have found from reading around that people who have had similar problems have gone to an Apple Store and gotten a brand new phone, no questions asked. The problem for me is that the nearest Apple Store is a 2 hour drive from me. I live in a large Midwestern town with a 30,000+ student college campus five minutes away, so there are several Apple Authorized Service Centers nearby, and a community college that is a licensed Apple retailer 20 minutes from me. Would I get anything done taking it to one of these places, or am I stuck making the 2 hour drive? I don't want to send it in because I cannot be without a phone for the week it will take. HELP!!
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    Jun 25, 2013
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    If going to an apple store is not possible, call 1 (800) MY-APPLE and either you send your iphone to them first and they will send you one, or with the express option, they send you an iphone and you send them yours in the same box.

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