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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by GhostFace, Jan 27, 2006.

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    I bought my powerbook (see specs in sig)about 8 months ago. The main reason for bying apple was becuase I can almost make a feature film with it. I love to shoot short movies and put them on DVD for my friends and family. I have a Pansonic 3CCD DV cam. I have made a few movies while I am here, deployed to Afghanistan. I made a few spoofs of MTV cribs, the cribs are 8 man tents and dorm rooms the size of jail cells. They are funny. I love working with iMovie. But when I get home I want to get the FC Pro Suite. I want to learn all about them. I know I can get books but I would like to go to class for them. I live in the Califonia Bay Area. Do the Apple stores have classes on the FC Pro Suite? Where is a good place just to take classes to learn about the FC Pro Apps?

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    bavc.org - Best place to learn. Teachers are all pros and some of the classes are certified. next in line would be filmarts.org. 2nd tier teachers, not certified. you also might try SF City College. Don't know if they have classes specifically for software programs though, but you can't beat the price. You would be stuck for a whole semester as opposed to a couple of weeks...
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    If you check out the SF Cutters (San Fran FCP User Group) I'm sure they have info on local classroom and web-based training.

    kenstone.net is a very good on line resource for tutorials and stuff.

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