Where to people buy the iPhone 5 glass replacements?

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    So I fix iPhones, like a lot. Mostly just the 4 and 4s right now. However I have a feeling I will be asked to fix more and more iPhone 5s once the 5S is released. I have started to research how much it would cost for the screens to figure out how much to charge. I buy the glass, digitizer, and LCD already all together as I have no idea how to perfectly fuze them myself. iPhone 5 screens are $130 on the low end on eBay. iPhone 4/4s screens are only $30 on the low end.

    Where do these company's but their parts that they can fix an iPhone for $100? Someone has to know! Thanks!
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    Separating the LCD and the digitizer glass is next to impossible. The LCD and the Digitizer Glass are fused together with a high strength, UV activated optical adhesive during manufacturing. This makes it almost impossible to separate the glass from the LCD without breaking or damaging the LCD. EVEN if someone is successful in separating the LCD from the glass, there is a very high chance of scratching the surface of the LCD, and leaving marks which can be seen when re-installed. Save yourself the headache and time by purchasing a complete iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer assembly.

    In terms of your pricing, it all depends on what kind of quality parts you get, and what kind of margins you want to run your business on. If you supply high quality parts, be prepared to run on SLIM margins. However, your customers will be more satisfied in the long-run, and you will have less defects with higher quality parts (this is also dependent on the supplier.)

    If you buy cheap screens ie: the ones under $30, obviously you will be running on higher margins than if you bought screens that cost $50+. Your pricing for screen replacement will depend on the profit you want need to make. Take into consideration your monthly expenses and overhead.

    One important thing to remember is that when you do a repair, you can recycle the broken iPhone screen (if the LCD is original and works) with various companies that will pay you for them. Depending on which company you decide to go with, you can get anywhere from $2-$5 for iPhone 4/ 4S screens, and $30-$45 for iPhone 5 screens. Again, the glass can be broken on these screens, but the LCD must be original, un-damaged, and fully functional.

    IMHO, if you are planning on really getting into the repair business, really set yourself apart from the "other guys" by using quality parts.

    Quality parts= Less defects and happier customers. I would honestly feel bad if I used the parts some of the eBay sellers (and some other sites) peddle around.

    Regarding a source for parts... I highly doubt any company will tell you where they get their parts from. We have spent a pretty large amount of money on sourcing reputable, consistent, and trustworthy suppliers. My advice to you would be to not be afraid to spend money on sourcing from different suppliers until you find one that suits YOUR needs.

    Hope I was able to help!
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    LCD Separator Machine might work for you?

    Have you consider of replacing the glass only instead of ordering the whole parts? I think it is too costly if you can buy the glass for under $10. You do need LCD Separator machine that will easily remove the glass of various phones.

    This stuff is new in the market and many people are going with this just to save the cost and increase their profit.

    See our link below and then click on "LCD Separator" on the left for more information about this.

    I hope this is helpful for you

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