Where to print large panoramas?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Dave00, May 9, 2007.

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    I'd like some recommendations on where to print wide panoramas. I've used the photo-stitch feature on Canons to generate some nice long panoramas, which I'd like to frame. I tried doing this at Kinko's, but wasn't happy with the results. First, they wanted the file in .pdf (not sure what was wrong with .jpg), then they printed on standard paper (not photo). Finally got them to print on the right paper, and the color was all wrong (very oversaturated.) Is there any place that specializes in (or at least does a nice job on) printing of large photos? Also, is there any way to standardize between my monitor and a given printer at a print shop?

    (If this is a better question for the design section, I'd be happy to move the post there.)

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    Call around and ask.

    A good pro photo printing place is your best bet as this is what they do.

    but any good printer should be able to help you as well.

    this is simply a print job for a roll-taking printer, like a plotter


    though, I dont know how cheap the "right kind of paper" on a good plotter would cost...

    As for the color reproduction, if it is THAT important, have them give you a calibration printout. Something printed on the paper youd like, which will have the squares of each ink used, and probably a high quality photo. Along with this hardcopy comes a jpg of this print.

    Open the jpg on the computer you work on, and look at the hardcopy. Make them "match" as best you can. Now your monitor is calibrated to their printer.

    Most likely, it will make everything but the image you are working on look like crap, but this is very useful for color reproduction with photos.

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