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    Steve Jobs was innovative. He did not settle for something that would get the company by but he would motivate the creation of something new and something never done before. Without him, is there any hope for new technology in the future that nobody else has seen? Or will Apple become just a company that ran off of one man? I have been disappointed in Apple's products in the past year or two without Steve's input. Nothing new has come from Apple. I was especially disappointed with IOS 7 ! There is nothing 'new' or 'innovative' about it. All the features are taken from the jailbreaking community and IOS 7 isn't even available on the IPod 4 or IPhone 3GS (the IPhone being more reasonable as it is a very old model). But will there be anything in the future that will turn the heads of every person on the planet? Give me your theories please !
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    Not another one, we need a FAQ of what mistakes and stinkers Jobs presided over, what the timeline of real innovation was (we need to define what "innovation" is as well).
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    His death was neither sudden nor unexpected. If there's no hope, then that speaks very poorly to how Steve Jobs setup Apple, IMO.

    Wait, which one man are you referring to? Tim Cook? Jony Ive? Phil Schiller? Craig Federighi? Can you think of another company that has as many leaders whose names are as well known?

    IMO, the products you've seen over the past year or two were in development for longer than that time period, and had Steve's input.

    When Steve Jobs ran Apple, there were periods of MANY years where Apple did not produce anything new.
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    This. I still remember these blunders quite well.


    And of course... who could forget this...

    The guy hit the nail on the head quite a few times, but often enough he slipped up too. Even as we look further backwards there were plenty of flops Jobs was in charge of. The Lisa, Apple III, 20th Century Mac, NeXT, thinking Pixar would survive as a hardware company and finally them god awful Motorola 'iTunes Phones'.
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    All of the innovations over the past 10 years or so were not singlehandedly created by Steve Jobs in some corner office somewhere.

    Steve Jobs' greatest innovation was Apple itself.

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