Where'd that Bluetooth go from my Mac Pro?

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    Nov 18, 2012
    [scuse the cross post, advice was that I'd posted this Q in the wrong place...better luck this time]

    Hi folks

    wonder if anybody has experienced this loss of Bluetooth? I am on this mac pro:


    on which I installed Vista, and now Windows 7.

    A while back, I became unable to boot in Mac at all (that wasn't a problem, because I do all my work in Windows). But I now noticed that my Bluetooth capability has also disappeared from the machine. There is no mention of it anywhere that I can find in Device Manager or other places one might see a mis-firing device (and Tom's Hardware PC Wizard can't find anything resembling Bluetooth on my machine.)

    When I looked to see if Boot Camp could do anything about this, I noticed neither do I have Boot Camp in Control Panels (or anywhere else). I currently cannot boot into Mac OS X, and neither can I install any Mac OS afresh. I don't mind not having OS X on the machine, but it would be great to get my Bluetooth working again. I wonder does anyone have any idea how to proceed?

    thanks in advance
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    Nov 18, 2012
    So, ithis problem is fixable, it appears. First go here to get the right drivers etc (bootcamp installer)


    Follow the instruction here, for how to use it (and read the comments, cause they add more tips and fixes, the ones i needed in the end)


    I did all that, now Boot Camp is installed (on Win8) and Bluetooth has reappeared.

    Next, I'm going to add Trackpad+++


    To give functionality to an external BT Magic Trackpad.

    that is all.

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