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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ILowry82, May 7, 2018.

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    Sep 26, 2014
    So I had a weird thing happen at Apple Store today. I took it in for a display issue. Full disclosure, the "display issue" only happened a couple of times. I had issues with it not registering a touch. That could have been the app or a hiccup in the software. I really took it in because I had scratches on the screen. I was hoping that they would replace my screen due to the display issue I was describing fully intending to pay the full repair price if they said no. Anyway, they ran tests and the phone passed. I asked them if they could discount the repair for the scratches. The employee went into the back room, came back and told me they could not. I started making arrangements to pay to have the screen replaced when the employee stopped me. He said an alert showed up on his iPad and that the phone needed to be sent in for repair. He said he didn't know why it needed to be sent in because they were fully capable of replacing the screen there, however when he plugged in the IMEI it stated that the phone had to be sent in for further evaluation. He said there was a possibility that they would replace the screen under warranty. In order for me not be to charged today, he flagged it as a warranty claim. My question is why would the phone be flagged and need to be sent in? Is it possible that they will just replace the screen under warranty?
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    You didn't state what model your phone is, but some iPhones had bad screens (touch disease) destined to fail and maybe your SN matched up with a known bad batch.
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    It’s an iPhone X. That sounds plausible. I’m going to hope for that
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    They likely sent out a bad batch and yours was part of it.

    Did the store give you a replacement device?

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