where's my startup disk?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by playethic, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Surprised couldn't find this in forums but did search :)

    My MacBook pro keeps telling me my startup disk is full. I've tried searching and browsing to figure out where my startup disk is so I can figure out how it got full and delete stuff... but I can't find it.


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    Your startup disk is the hard drive you boot off, which in your case is highly likely to be the internal disk.

    OS X doesn't call it your hard drive because you can boot off external drives, secondary internal drives (on the MacPro desktop) or separate partitions, which means your startup disk can mean different things at different times.

    So, your internal disk is getting full.

    To find out what's taking up space, google for GrandPerspective, WhatSize or JDiskReport - all will report on the size of folders and files. It's a matter of opinion which one you'll like best.
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    On a macbook pro, or most notebooks, the startup disk is the only disk in the system. It's also referred to as the boot disk. You might start by trying to empty the trash; if you just move stuff to the trash it does not free up the space.
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    There is no suck thing as a "MacBook desktop" or a Mac laptop with two internal hard drives.
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    Corrected the typo - I had MacBook in my head because the OP was using a MBP.

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