Which Apache modules to enable for game server?

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    Hello - I'm trying to figure out what set of Apache modules makes the most sense to enable for a PHP/MySQL-based site (which, sadly, is not accessible to anyone outside my subnet right now, but that's a whole different can of worms). I know I need the PHP module turned on, and mod_authz_host (if I turn that one off, Apache complains about an invalid directive in its configuration file, then restarts every 10 seconds with the same error). If it matters any, it's going to be a game server, so file uploads will not be an issue - I can safely turn that functionality off altogether.

    EDIT: I thought I should add that I'm using the standard module set that ships with Apache, plus the Apple extended modules Apple ships with Mac OS X Server, described here:

    Apache standard modules
    Apple extended modules (link is to a PDF)

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