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Which app can help remap mechanical keyboard?


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May 2, 2020
Hi there.

I lost the ability to control the volume on my mechanical (WASD) keyboard when the iGlasses all was updated.
Very frustrated I can't figure out how to assign my FN and other keys on the mechanical keyboard to get that back

I've read cautionary reviews of Karabiner - and have never used Keyboard Maestro. Don't know if I need an app or it there is a System Preference that can be used.

Thank you for your help.


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Aug 20, 2015
I use Karabiner Elements and it works quite nicely for me with my HHKB and lets me assign keys for media playback. My keyboard already has a hardware DIP switch on the back which makes it work out of the box for volume and screeen brightness, but it's nice to have media keys too, and Karabiner helps with that.

What were the cautionary reviews you read saying?
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