which app do you guys like best


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Jul 10, 2008
Orlando, Florida
Depends on what you are looking for....

Numbers (spreadsheet)
Pages (Word Processing)
Keynote (Presentations)
ToDo Cloud, OmniFocus (Tasks)
Pocket Informant (Tasks and Calendar Integration)
iBooks, Kindle (Reading Books)
Netflix (Streaming Movies and TV Content)
USA Today (general News)
DayOne (Journal)
Evernote (Notes)
Chronicle (Bill Reminders)
PocketMoney (Finances)
Facebook, Twitter (Social Media)
Lose It (Diet and Weight Tracking)
Tactio (Health Tracking)
BPCompanion (Track Blood Pressure)
Craft Studio (Making Cards and Announcements)
My Disney Experience (All Things Disney World)
McSolitaire (Solitaire Game)