which Apple laptop to buy?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ron7624, Apr 18, 2015.

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    Oct 14, 2011
    Houston, Texas area
    In a few months, I start a new job! This will entail updating info on a website that has a lot of traffic and I have the freedom to work from anywhere.
    I'm set for desktops but am torn on which Apple laptop to buy.
    I'm almost there with the MBA. I tried the keyboards on both the 11 and 13" yesterday and I could not believe how horrible the 13" felt to me. I could fly without mistakes on the 11, but could not type a sentence on the 13. So, thus far it's the 11" MBA. I'm not looking at the MBP at this point, on the advice of my future employer - he uses MBP's and is mobile. The weight is his main concern.
    So my only other option then would be the new Macbook, I have time to wait for one to be delivered but the one C port is holding me back. I did find a C to standard usb adapter on the site for 19 dollars and guess I could use that to connect to a hub to utilize time machine etc, but don't like not being able to back up while charging. How inconsiderate is that one port option?
    The 11 inch screen is tiny. That is my only reservation. Since I use an iPad rMini all day long, I guess the screen size wouldn't be that bad but the screen on the new Macbook is beautiful and much larger.
    What a bunch of wasted space on the MBA lid. those bezels are very, very big.
    What to do?
    I have to make a decision soon as I have a new Barclay card that will let me buy and pay it off with no interest over the next 18 months. I've only got 7 days left to use that option. I gotta buy now lol, and planning on going to the Apple store to make the purchase today.
    I'm new to Mac OS X but enjoying/learning it on a MacMini with Yosemite.
    Pros and Cons between the MBA 11" and the new Macbook please!
    What haven't I thought of?
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    Dec 2, 2014
    The MacBook Air 11" is an excellent laptop it's very very snappy due to its fast SSD, has plenty of RAM for most tasks (8GB) and has quite a lot of space on the SSD (up to 512GB). Also it's ultra mobile. The only problem with the MacBook Air is the non-Retina display which is really nice but if you never had a Retina Mac it shouldn't botter to much.

    I own a 2011 one an get still around 5-6 hours of usage which is nice but with the new ones you can easily get up to 9 hours so again great because you don't have to bring your charger every time.

    About the new MacBook we don't really know how fast it is.. We do know that the 1.1 Ghz version has the CPU speed of a 2011 Core i7/2012 i5 but the GPU should be quite a lot faster than the 2011 version also it has the new super fast SSD and maybe the nice new Force Touch Trackpad. There is for me just a thing about the new MacBooks the 1.2 Ghz & 1.3 are very nice speed upgrades but due to that there is no fan this could possibly cause some heat problems we don't know about that. The same thing counts for the new MacBook 8GB RAM and up to 512 GB SSD.
    Hope this helps a little bit!:D
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    Mar 5, 2015
    Is it possible that you might get used to the 13'' after using it for a few days? I know with every new laptop I get, there's a bit of a learning curve for my fingers to figure out where all the buttons are and I stop making mistakes. If I go to any other laptop now, I have a few issues here and there. I guess what I'm saying is, the 13'' isn't that bad if you give it a chance and it also gives you 3 extra hours of battery life along with a bigger screen. I wouldn't discount it just because of how you feel about the keyboard right now.

    As far as comparing the 11'' and the new MacBook, I'd definitely go for the 11'' over the new laptop. Generally a good idea to skip the first generation in technology and let them work the kinks out. Plus, not enough things are compatible with USB type C yet without an adapter, and those are annoying to carry around. I suppose it depends on your needs and whether you need those ports, but I would say the 11'' is far more capable in terms of ports and actual performance than the new MacBook.
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    Houston, Texas area
    Im an older guy. I use a computer in my job 8 hours, then come home and pay the bills on one. I'm not going to get used to a new feel imo. But, the 11" MacBook Air feels like home. Love it. A fully maxed out 11 is it for me. I just bought one at the Apple Store. I used my iPad app to do it as the storms in the area had killed the electricity in the store and they couldn't get it out of inventory. They closed the store and went home. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow when the power is restored.
    The MacBook felt ok, but that one darn C port stopped me in my tracks. Who wants a pocket full of adapters, or to repurchase everything as Bluetooth capable. I guess there are some, but not me.
    Thanks for the replies!

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