Which Apple products did really amaze you?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by skaertus, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Feb 23, 2009
    I didn't watch the release of the original Macintosh, and I don't even quite remember exactly when the iMac or the iPod were originally released. I was not that interested in Apple back then. But Apple eventually caught my attention and I must say some of its products truly amazed me. Not all of them, though.

    Here is my list:

    2007: iPhone / iPod touch. I didn't see the keynote, and I was not aware of how amazing this product was until I first saw an iPod touch for sale in a store, months after its release. Then I understood why everybody was so crazy about it. It was unprecedented. I ended up buying a first-generation iPod touch, but in the end I missed cellular Internet access.

    2008: Unibody MacBook. The unibody aluminum design and the multi-touch trackpad caught my attention. It looked and felt much better than anything else in the market. I ended up not buying one, since I had bought a polycarbonate MacBook a few months earlier.

    2009: Aluminum unibody iMac: This is the iMac that truly impressed me. Previous iMacs failed to catch my attention because they looked like underpowered machines for daily usage. They had low-voltage Intel processors, just like laptops. But in 2009 the larger chassis allowed for the use of desktop processors, and the iMac became more compelling. And the 27-inch IPS screen with a 2560x1440 resolution caught my eyes. I did not buy one, but I wish I did.

    2010: iPhone 4. When I thought Apple couldn't make the iPhone any more compelling, and that the models were just getting faster, the iPhone 4 with retina display was unveiled. Such a high resolution display was something I was really missing on all products, especially on smartphones. I did not buy this one, but I ended up buying the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 did not impress me as much at launch (I found the specs underwhelming), but after a few months using it, I can also testify it is a worthy upgrade.

    2010: MacBook Air. The first generation MacBook Air was interesting, but not impressive: a thin and light, yet expensive and slow laptop. Not practical. But the second generation, with a much lower price and SSD storage (in a time when SSD was rare), was impressive. I did not buy it just because Apple put a Core 2 Duo processor on it at the time, when Sandy Bridge was almost being released. I bought a PC instead, and I regretted it later.

    2012: iPad 3. While I was not impressed by the original iPad, I just thought that the retina display on a tablet was fantastic. The clarity and sharpness of the screen made images look like photographs, and text to look like it was printed. I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing such a screen would look on a Mac. I bought it on the day of launch. I still find it not as useful as it could be, but I am always impressed by the beautiful display.

    2012: MacBook Pro with retina display. This one was truly amazing. It was like the climax of retina displays. Everything I wanted and expected in a laptop (except the price): an ultra-sharp display, SSD storage, thin and light, and premium materials. Expensive as it was, I did not buy it at first, and I spent a whole year drooling on it. Finally, I got the courage and bought one, and it's simply the best piece of hardware I've ever owned. A joy to use.

    What's yours?
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    Aug 24, 2009
    iPod Classic 1st Gen.

    iPod Classic 3rd Gen.

    iMac G4.

    iPhone 4.
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    Dec 19, 2004
    Apple IIe: First computer I ever used. I could play games like Odell Lake and Oregon Trail on it.

    Apple Macintosh IIvx/System 7: First Mac I ever owned or used. Coming from DOS 6 and Windows 3.1 the GUI of System 7 was amazing. Even more amazing was how much easier everything was to use. Even the ports on the back were easier to figure use along with the semi-plug and play design.

    Apple Color Stylewriter: The print quality and color gamut blew away the old dot matrix printer.

    Newton Messagepad: Not so amazing really. I was just fascinated about owning a PDA. I never bought one but I would have been just as happy with a Palm Pilot.

    PowerMac 7100/66AV: I could record video from a camcorder, edit and export to VHS. Use speech recognition with a Plaintalk microphone. I also had millions of colors on screen and it was all connected to a giant 17" Sony Trinitron monitor with 800x600 resolution.

    Mac OS X: Finally protected memory and true multi-tasking. It was also a big let down given the limited availability of native software, how unbelievably slow it was and that it did not support dummy terminals even though it was UNIX based. It wasn't until 10.2 they finally had a truly ready product.

    iPhone 1: The interface was so well done. It was far superior than Windows CE, Palm and Blackberry devices.

    I leave out intermediate steps since they weren't truly amazing. More just refined iterations.

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