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Which Apple watch series drain battery on watchOS 4 beta 2?

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Jun 29, 2007
I have tried everything that other people suggested and no improvements for me.

For me it’s 10% battery drain per hour, so I have to put my watch in airplane mode to save battery otherwise my activity rings won’t be completed!

I WISH mine was 10% battery drain per hour. I'm looking at 25-30% per hour doing nothing but sitting at a desk. Not reading messages on it, not playing music on my phone. Nothing. No maps, no GPS, nothing.


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Jul 5, 2017
i have found the work around! I've re-paired and turned off gym equipment long ago and was only getting about 10 hours from my series 2 watch.

I forgot my phone at home this morning, and using my watch all day for things I could to on my phone if I had it, and using WIFI on my watch, I came home 10 hours later with 67% battery REMAINING on my watch. Before today I was getting about 10 hours before power reserve.

I think iOS 11 is to blame. I haven't had battery life like this since installing watchos 4. Im leaving Bluetooth on my phone OFF till beta 3 comes out, and running wifi only on my watch.

I also noticed that turning Bluetooth OFF in the shortcut screen didn't actually disconnect my watch from my phone. I had to go to settings>Bluetooth and turn it off there to actually disconnect my watch from my phone. Anyone else have that problem?
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