which browser to use as backup?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jackc, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Oct 19, 2003
    I've come across a few sites recently that give me a problem using Safari (I'm using Safari 1.0.2 with Jaguar). What's a good backup to use? I have no problem using IE, but it doesn't always work either, and I figure since it's not supported anymore, I should have a better alternative.

    Is Mozilla Firefox a good choice? I'm not really concerned with features, I use Safari the vast majority of the time, just looking for compatibility with the occasional anti-Safari site.
  2. drjekyl macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2003
    FireFox or opera

    Seems that both firefox or Opera work well with the sites that don't like safari. Firefox is my first choice though.
  3. advres Guest


    Oct 3, 2003
    Russ White@smalldog

    This is taken from Russ White from smalldog.com.

    Safari Alternatives Shootout
    by Russ White (Russ@smalldog.com)

    I've been having a weird video glitch with Safari on my 667MHz TiBook. *
    At random intervals, I'll see random groups of one-pixel black *
    horizontal lines randomly flash on the screen, and the screen will *
    flicker momentarily. I've tried Open Firmware resets and re-seating the *
    video cable to the screen. Heck, I even tore the TiBook down to the *
    frame and tried a known-good inverter board (the inverter controls the *
    backlighting) and cable. There was no change. The strangest thing is *
    that it only seems to happen in Safari.

    In an effort to narrow down the cause of the problem, I reset Safari, *
    but still no change. I deleted Safari's .Plist (preferences) file and *
    downloaded a fresh copy of Safari. Still no change. The only thing I *
    haven't tried is an "Archive and Install" install of Panther and I'd *
    rather not have to do that. I see system software reinstalls as a last *

    I guess it's time to look for alternatives to Safari, at least for the *
    interim. Don't get me wrong. I love Safari. It's a fast, stable browser *
    with a minimal footprint. I love the integrated Google search and *
    SnapBack features. The ability to block pop-ups is also quite nice. The *
    only time I ever have to deal with pop-ups is when I am forced to use *
    Internet Explorer.

    That said, I always like to try out new browsers, just to see how they *
    compare to Safari. This week, I'll compare Safari to Netscape's *
    Mozilla, Camino, and Firefox browsers and the Omni Group's OmniWeb, and *

    Bear in mind that Firefox and Camino are still in the beta-test phase. *
    They're not finished and may behave strangely. Use beta software at *
    your own risk. That said, I haven't had any problems with them. At *
    least, not yet. ;)

    Firefox is the newest browser from the Mozilla group. It's fast and *
    stable. Safari's still a little faster, but one of the features I'm *
    enjoying in Firefox is the ability to block ads, not just pop-ups, but *
    actual ads embedded in web pages.

    I'm an old school web-surfer. I hate ads. Yes, I understand they help *
    keep the cost of the web down and I appreciate that fact. However, I *
    have never purchased anything from a web ad. I've never even clicked a *
    web ad to see what it's advertising. I'm not interested. Advertisers *
    aren't losing anything by me having their ad blocked, since I'm not the *
    type of consumer that will click on an ad.

    Firefox can also be "Skinned"--you can download customized interfaces *
    for it. Right now they're for the most part variations on the same *
    theme, but the options are there. You're not limited to a "brushed *
    metal" interface.

    Firefox also tends to handle "fussy" sites with embedded Flash better *
    than Safari. For example, 8 Legged Entertainment's website *
    (http://www.8legged.com/) never loads correctly in Safari, so, if I *
    wanted to see what problems Octopus Chef Tako had gotten himself into, *
    I had to use IE, and I'm not a fan of IE. Firefox accesses the site *
    just fine.

    You can also add other search engines into Firefox. You're not limited *
    to built-in Google. You can add whatever search engine you prefer.

    Mozilla is similar to Firefox and can also block pop-ups and ads. It *
    handles "fussy" sites fine (8 Legged's site, for example). The main *
    difference between Firefox and Mozilla is that Mozilla adds a built-in *
    IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, an e-mail application, and a web-page *
    composing tool. However, it doesn't have a built-in search engine. *
    Mozilla is essentially Netscape Communicator from the OS 9 days recoded *
    for OS X.

    Camino is almost as fast as Safari, however, it lacks the built-in *
    search engine and the ability to block ads (it does block pop-ups, *
    though). It also lacks the additional features of Mozilla. It's a pure *
    and simple browser, nothing fancy.

    Mozilla, Firefox, and Camino can be downloaded from:

    * *http://www.mozilla.org

    OmniWeb is based on the same rendering engine as Safari. It ships with *
    ad blocking and pop-up blocking turned on by default, and it also *
    automatically blocks ads that conform to the standard size and shape *
    for ads. Just like Firefox and Mozilla, however, it lacks the *
    integrated Google search. It's also the only browser of the group *
    that's being marketed as a shareware/licensed browser. You can use OW *
    unlicensed, but you won't be able to set your own start page. It will *
    default to the OmniWeb site and try to entice you to purchase a license *
    for the browser.

    Omniweb can be downloaded from The Omni Group at:

    * *http://www.omnigroup.com

    I was going to review iCab as well, but I wasn't satisfied with its *
    performance and rendering of my suite of test websites. It was the *
    slowest of the group and it had a hard time rendering simple forum *

    iCab can be downloaded from:

    * *http://www.icab.de/

    Speedwise, they're all pretty close. I'd have to say that ranking them *
    from fastest to slowest would go like this:

    Safari and OmniWeb
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    Nov 30, 2003
    i'm a big firefox fan. I do have safari there but never use it. just those 2 browsers installed.
  5. Freakk123 macrumors regular

    Feb 19, 2003
    Bronx, NY
    FIREFOX! FIREFOX! FIREFOX! WOO HOO! :p Or, camino. w00t.
  6. iindigo macrumors 6502a


    Jul 22, 2002
    San Francisco, CA
    Camino for sure and all the way - Firefox is nice but is still too Windows-ish at this point. It also makes inappropriate use of sheets - even the application-wide preferences is a sheet.

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