Which cable did I not reconnect properly?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kiwibonga, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Ahoy there...

    So our Early 2008 MacBook 13" Unibody (aluminum, 2.0Ghz/2x1GB/160GB/SD) got ice tea'd... Aside from the sticky keys, I guess a short circuit made it believe that the lid was always closed even when it actually wasn't...

    But that's not really the problem... I spent my weekend cleaning the insides until it looked brand new... And everything went back to normal, except for one thing... "No airport detected" (or something like that)... Basically, I must have put the thing back together about 5 times... Couple of times it wouldn't turn on at all... And the last time around, it worked, but I probably screwed up somewhere because it doesn't detect the wifi card anymore (and bluetooth doesn't work either); odd because I could connect to the internet just fine when the ice tea was in there...

    What I was wondering was whether anyone here knows where the wifi/bluetooth "stuff" is located on the logic board, and how it receives power/communicates with the rest of the machine... Which improperly-fitted cable would cause the macbook to believe (both in Windows and Leopard) that there is no wifi card attached?

    And if there's no such cable; any idea where I should look for an issue (short circuit or mechanical damage)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sep 28, 2008
    IIRC, both "cards" are located in the lid actually...

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