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    Mar 14, 2005
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    Hey, I need a new digital camera for the summer as i am going travelling. I currently have an old sony, which works seemlessley with iphoto but is too big and heavy to take away with me. i have been looking at camera's with 5 megapixels and above for about £250. So far i like the look of the Cannon ixus 50, the nikon S1 and various efforts from sony. One thing i don't want to do is install drivers or software if i dont have to, so which companies work seamlessly with macs?sony obviously do, but what about others?Do you have any recomendations for camera's?Size and Battery life are very important, but im not a photographer so decent shots from point and shoot is also what i need. Also, on my sony i can take movies, which require no software to be put onto my powerbook, is this the same with all company's, as i read through searching that cannon require extra software to do this?

    thankyou in advance
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    Dec 4, 2003
    I have a Canon IXUS 400, from what I can tell the 50 is simply an update with some funky new feature. There is a quick review available here

    My IXUS400 works seemlessly with iPhoto and my iPod photo+apple camera connector.

    I'm no great photographer so anything more than a point and click is wasted on me, that said I am very happy with the shots I've taken with this camera and it's small size means it goes eveywhere with me and the charger is compatible with the plug part of my ibook power supply so less to carry :)

    I would say the best feature is not having the read the manual several times as the camera is very intuative.
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    Mar 5, 2005
    my only tip would be to go with a camera company, Like Nikon or Canon etc. and not a electronics company.
    Basically, with digital cameras these days you set a price, and across the range, the cameras at these price points will be similar. I like Nikon for the handling/feel/build of the camera.

    Whatever you do, before you buy go to an actual camera shop (local shop) to handle all the cameras you are looking at, use them a bit, see how the menu works etc, and then you will be in a lot better position to make a decision.
    A LOT to do with camera choice should be how you feel about them when handling/using.
    All the specs etc. in the world mean nothing if you don't enjoy using the camera you get.
    Remember to budget for memory cards if you're not going to be able to back-up to a computer during the summer. I would recommend at least 1GB for a summer trip (obviously varying on the quality of images you take etc.)

    Almost all new cameras will work with iPhoto (and image capture) pretty seamlessly.

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