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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by 5683565, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Hey all,

    I am looking into a couple of Canon printers for my sister (brand not really important provided it's not HP).

    She wants a multi-function printer that can also fax and I have come across:

    Cannon PIXMA MP530
    Cannon PIXMA MP830

    So can anyone who has one of these printers comment on the compatibility of the mac drivers. I know it claims to work on mac, but I want to hear from 'real' mac users as to the performance.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Apr 11, 2005
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    I just got the PIXMA MP530 with my Mac Mini as part of the perfect companion promo, so I paid $199 but got $100 back. Though I hear you can get it for $160-180 online. I think it is a great printer. I haven't been using it that long but so far so good. I wanted something that could scan and copy too, I have no use for faxing, but also wanted the doc feeder for scanning multiple pages into a single pdf. though I have yet to do that either. The 830 seemed like overkill. I think the only difference was one extra feature that I wouldn't use and for $100 more, no thanks. I warn you, the printer is a bit bigger than expected. I have since seen the HP C4180, C5180 and C6180 all-in-ones and while they look nicer, I still wouldn't get an HP. I put my Canon under my desk on a wooden crate. I read a couple reviews online and the MP530 got the highest ratings of all the multi's, 7.7 I think. Even better than the 830. And much better than the HPs.

    As far the print driver, the CD it came with had drivers for the MP460 which is a different machine altogether and while my Mac saw it through Bonjour hooked to my Airport Extreme Base Station, it didn't work right connected directly to the Mini. I downloaded the current driver from Canon and it works like a charm.
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    Feb 18, 2006
    Hong Kong
    Thanks for that great review. We actually recommended the 830 to my sister but I might do a little more digging.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Oct 29, 2006
    Is there a lower-end Canon printer for printing art cards with photos and small promotional items that's acceptable? I already have a great scanner and don't need an all-in one, although having a back-upscanner I guess would be prudent.

    Sorry if this hijacks your thread. ;)

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