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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Peafreen, Apr 2, 2012.

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    I have an AT&T iPad 2 - figured I'd try Verizon for the iPad 3 to see if I get better service, but have never used them. I keep getting conflicting information from various Verizon reps on their plans. I figured it would be like AT&T, I can turn it on for a month if I need or want to and then not renew the next month. It seems fairly easy. What Verizon is saying is that I would have to register each time I turn it off and get a new telephone number for the iPad...AND that the 4G is more money. Plus even though there's no long term contract I sill have to pay monthly with Verizon...which I don't do with AT&T...Seems like AT&T is easier to stay with.

    Any advice? Tx.
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    There are plenty of threads on this. There is no phone number for the iPad and you can turn it off and on from either carrier at any time for no extra charges. The plans vary slightly in price and capacity and Verizon throws in a wifi hotspot. The single most important thing you should base your decision on is your coverage area. Verizon is much better both where I live and work so it was a no brainer for me. If it's equal, I'd personally lean towards Verizon - but that's just me.
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    If you really have to ask and can't search for the million other threads, just get a wifi model.
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    It's a hard decision, but as others have mentioned just check the coverage in the area where you will be using LTE. For me, it doesn't matter much what coverage is like in NYC since I live there and will using wifi at home.

    It's more important what coverage is like in places that I'm likely to travel.

    The data plan options are listed right on Apple's website so go there to check your options on both carriers. Many Verizon associates are not well informed. You can make you selection right from the iPad without interacting with them.

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