Which color printer for Office Use ?


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Jun 20, 2010
Orissa, India
Hi, we currently use a laser printer of HP, which prints like 1500 pages for one 10$ refill and it does the job well.

But our customers are currently all demanding for color invoices. So, Im looking for a color printer which can do huge number for prints, without affecting the pocket for too much expense.

So, which model do you suggest and what kind of expense are we looking at for 1000 color A4 prints, all are Invoice only.


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Dec 9, 2014
For something like this I suspect you'd want a color printer that is relatively inexpensive per page. I'd look at the Xerox ColorQube models, the 8580 isn't wildly expensive to buy and is fairly cheap to run, supposedly around 12+ cents per color page which is pretty good. (Your costs on an invoice may of course vary.) The older 8570 is still available I think and it might be cheaper to buy, if a bit slower to run. The ColorQube's use solid ink so they don't have the usual inkjet problems.


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Jul 9, 2012
Any of the Brother color lasers. They are the best value I found after dropping HP. I use the L-L8350CDW model.

No way to predict cost per page in India. I don't know the cost there of the Brother models, the price of good quality A4 paper, or the cost of toner cartridges. Brother does cartridges in standard yield that will do around 2500 pages in black and 1500 pages in using yellow, magenta, and cyan. The larger and more expensive high yield cartridges will do around 4000 pages in black and 3500 pages in the using the 3 colors.
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Nov 12, 2007
I'll third the Brother recommendation
It is more expensive but I use a xerox phaser 7100. Great speed, good color, two side capability and most important very user friendly. There is a wifi module available.


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Sep 12, 2012
For black and white lasers, I second the vote for Brother.

For color, we've have had a lot of success with the Dell C2665dnf and C3765dnf. Dell periodically offers these printers on sale for $250-$300 and $500-600, respectively. Dell charges $135-$140 for the high-capacity color (4000 pages) and B&W (6000 pages) toner cartridges, but compatible high-capacity cartridges from third parties cost $25 and work just as well ($25 / 6000 pages = $0.004 per page).
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