Which comes first, the VM or the Boot Camp?


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Aug 29, 2007
I haven't found a clear answer to this, here or elsewhere...but since you all seem so unambiguous, I'll ask it straight up here.

While Fusion can use a Boot Camp installation of Windows, can Boot Camp use a VM installation?

I know the Boot Camp installation isn't rocket science, but I love how much easier it looks to install Windows in Fusion. I'd certainly rather do it that way.

As an essentially lazy guy, I wonder if my "shortcut" is going to actually make more work for me later on. Advice appreciated.

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Apr 4, 2007
installing via boot camp first will also make it easier if you have or will have multiple accounts (mac) on the same computer. It may be possible to install a VMWare virtual machine on one account and access it from another account, but I couldn't find any documentation on it. If you already have a boot camp partition though, any user can access it with VMWare.


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Sep 7, 2005
Rochester, New York
If you user boot camp to set up windows, you will be able to boot directly to windows without going through OSX. You can then also install VM Ware and use your boot camp partition to run that same windows install from with in OSX.

If you use VM Ware to set up windows, you will be creating a windows virtual machine. It will only function in OSX through VM Ware. It cannot be booted through boot camp as a stand alone installation of windows.

The boot camp install really isn't too bad. I strongly recommend printing or saving the instruction manual to a different computer just in case you need assistance.

Happy Booting :)