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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by theBigD23, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Sep 13, 2008
    I don't think I've ever been so confused choosing a system. :) I have a nMP being delivered today, but I'm not sure exactly what I should do. Should I return my current config and get another one? Here is what I have coming today:

    32 RAM
    512 Hard Drive
    COST: $4548

    My other option is to return what I have and go with:
    32 RAM
    512 Hard Drive
    Cost: $5048
    Price wise, I'll be paying an extra $500, I will go from 6 to 4 core, but gain the GPU.

    I'm in the "I don't need the nMP, I want it camp". I don't do 3D rendering. Some photoshop, web development. I need this system to last me some time. I do like to game occasionally, which is where my confusion is. I don't think the D700s will do well with 4K gaming in the future anyway and for current games, it's not that great of a performer, so I don't know if it's worth the extra 1K cost. I think I'd be best served getting a PC Gaming machine or a Steam box. I'm not sure what to do, since if it can game decently for the next 2-3 years, it may be worth it. I will be upgrading to Apple's 4K monitor when those come out, but I have read that 4K monitors should run fine on the D300s.

    What are your thoughts?
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    While there are a lot of people here that mix gaming and productivity on their Mac Pro who will disagree with me, I don't believe trying to make this nMP a dual-purpose machine is a great idea.

    Buying a system that's going to last you a while, without upgradable GPUs, for gaming on 4K displays... hopefully you can see the oxymoron in this statement.

    Your first choice is the best for productivity and should last you awhile.

    The second choice is the best for gaming and should last you a year (maybe two) until the next gen GPU's and game engines become available and you're wanting more.
  3. theBigD23 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Sep 13, 2008
    Thanks for your help. I agree this machine is not good to build as a dual purpose. It'll be obsolete pretty quickly, especially with 4K gaming that it won't be able to handle even with the 700s. I guess my hesitation is also the fact that it looks like we can upgrade CPU, hard drive and RAM, but that the video card is not easily upgradeable, if at all. It's the only part I cannot upgrade. I wonder if OWC or other manufacturers will come out with an upgrade GPU in the future? I would also have to wait until the warranty is finished as well.

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