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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by stealthsniper96, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Trying to decide on a 22 inch that will be used with my MB (gma 950) aswell as my xbox 360. Does the screen size matter with the macbooks bad graphics card? Here are some I'm looking at, which one do yall think is best? And feel free to add any more to the list (I would like to stay $330 or so). Thanks.




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    Samsung makes some nice LCDs, so...

    I am sure there are plenty of reviews on the Internet where folks take out all the fancy testing tools, so I'd plug each model into a Google Search.

    S-IPS panels are considered the "best" currently available, but units using PVA panels are not the low-grade garbage some would imply. If you are doing photographic editing and retouching work, an S-IPS panel will give you the best results (in general), but a PVA unit (especially with a good backlight and other electronics) can deliver very nice results (just as an S-IPS panel with a poor backlight or electronics can deliver not so nice results).

    TN panels have the advantage of low price, but they have the poorest viewing angle. So in general I'd stick to PVA or S-IPS displays.
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    one vote for the dell....

    I have the DELL ULTRASHARP 2208WFP monitor that I use with my MB for doing autocad work and I love it. Actually looking at getting a second and hooking it up with a UBS/DVI adapter. All the USB ports and PIP features make it really versitle, I have used it with cable boxes, Wii, PS2 and . The only thing its missing is a remote (that is if you have a sound system for your audio). :D

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