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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ardoptres, Mar 21, 2010.

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    My family and I are tired of using a compact camera, because the pictures are rather dark and not as sharp as we'd like them to be.
    A SLR camera can do what we want, as far as we know.

    We will only be using it for vacations and stuff like that. The pictures probably won't leave the computer, so I guess the MP count won't mean much. Image stabilization etc. would be nice though.

    We've looked on Apple's website, but since they only recommend Canon, we got the suspicion that they have some kind of deal with them. (do they?) They might be the best, but we thought we'd get some second opinions in here.

    Our price range is $600 and below. We don't mind buying on the internet, but shipping would have be from the European Union to avoid customs.

    So, any recommendations? The lower the price the better, as long as it doesn't compromise the photo's quality.

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    Hold one

    Canon is not necessarily the best one. Below is a link to a review site. Personally I went to buy a Canon and ended up with Nikon - I liked the fit in my hand better. Would be a good idea to go out to the stores and hold them in your hand to see how they feel. I doubt you could go wrong with Canon, Pentax, or Nikon. Don't forget the DSLR cameras are heavier as well. Also you will want to check out lens.


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    For what your stated needs are, the Canon kit you linked to should be just fine. At some point you may want to add a second lens to get beyond 55mm; but (especially if you're used to point-and-shoots) that's not a pressing need.

    Don't know anything about that seller, so I am endorsing the kit - not necessarily that seller. :D I'm not a big eBay fan.

    Edit: Hey case in point - the seller doesn't list the model of lens, as far as I can tell. It might very well be an off-brand; I've seen that before. As always, caveat emptor.
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    Ken Rockwell is a jackass (no offense to you personally). Your suggestion to go down to a camera store is good, though. At the end of the day, dSLRs perform similarly to one another, and the difference lies in how one feels to the operator.
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    The Nikon D3000 kit NEW is $499 everywhere... $399 Refurbished...

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