Which editing software for 60fps?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Treeman574, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I've got a Contour Roam2 which has recorded close to 30 hours of 720p 60fps video saved as .mp4. A large portion of this is setting up the camera, waiting etc, so I need to do simple cropping of the video.

    After looking through many threads it appears that most editing programs export in 30 or 24fps. However playing through Quicktime 10.0, the unedited 60fps video is far smoother than the 30fps .mp4 file exported through iMovie 11 9.0.4. I have also opened a ~5 second segment into photoshop, which shows 290 or so individual frames.

    Can someone recommend a good (preferably cheap) program that can crop these videos without losing quality? At the moment I am looking at the student version of Avid, but that's $300AUD.
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    QT Pro 7 exports 60 fps (I've exported many of my 60p test movies from it I created for benchmarking the camera tweaks I've written for iPhones) and it has some basic cropping capabilities. Do you want to dynamically change the cropping areas, or, is a static one for the entire length of your clip sufficient? If the latter, check out http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=155016 and, particularly, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeZDjX3o9mQ
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    FCP X and Clipwrap. Use Clipwrap to rewrap the 60fps raw video into Prores 422 (but still at 60fps), then import that into FCP X for editing. Suggestion: render it out as an (edited) Prores file then use Handbrake to generate your final compressed video. I work in 60fps 1080p video all of the time with the above and it all works great. I also bought Compressor but find using Handbrake in this way seems to work better & faster.

    Suggestion #2: render both a 60fps and a 30fps version through Handbrake (change one menu item: fps) and the 30fps version will play nicely on something like :apple:TV while the 60fps will await a future :apple:TV that supports native 60fps playback. Or use the 60fps version with other hardware that can play it back at 60fps native.
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    Thanks, will try sooner or later. I just use thunderbolt to hdmi and a nice big monitor, so should work well.
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    Free Trials

    Adobe Premiere CS6, FCP X, and Avid media Composer 6.5 have 30 day free trials. You should be able to import your mp4 files and cut out any footage you don't want. Then export with settings matching your mp4 files. No need to use Clipwrap and Handbrake. Any newer computer will be able to playback 720p 60fps files with one of the above mentioned programs. I would recommend Premiere as you can drag your files in then drop then on a sequence and it will prompt you to match sequence to clips, then on export you can click a box to match your sequence settings.

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