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    I'm not sure I know the correct terms for any of this, so if you can please bear with me and try to figure out what I mean, I'd really be grateful :) I know it's insanely long, but I don't know how to explain this more concisely because I'm really confused about everything; I even asked at the apple service store I frequent but they weren't much help :-/

    I am badly in need of some help in figuring out which email provider(s) to choose for some new email addresses I need to create. I need more than one email address because I've come to realize I frequently require more than one accounts on the same website (eg flickr, youtube...) for different 'contexts', like work, personal stuff (eg photos from where I volunteer, a bike I'm selling, etc), even artsy stuff that don't really belong in either of the previous two. The goal here is basically to avoid becoming an internet cautionary tale where anyone who has my real name can find everything I've ever posted anywhere even when it's stuff I'm not ready yet, if ever, to share with that particular person. Not that I have a lot of embarrassing stuff or anything dodgy lol, but for example, I don't necessarily want the same people to see my experimenting with new photo techniques who I am directing to my volunteering photos or my short stories - stuff like that.

    Here's what I need to know:

    1) So far as I know, I can't just have one email account, where I will have several completely different email addresses, like aname@domain.com, and anothername@domain.com, etc. The best I can hope for is somewhere that lets me do derivative addresses, eg: name@domain.com, then name-youtube@domain.com, name-flickr@domain, com, etc. But these sort of trace back to me easily - anyone who knows one address can find the others and use them to find my other accounts on the same or other websites? Am I right?

    2) If so, I guess the only option is to have various different email accounts, with different log-in details and everything (which I might do anyway just to be extra safe). Now, I know I could just open a few yahoos lol and call it a day. But yahoo no longer lets you receive and send emails using a desktop application of your choice (eg Mail), unless you pay to get the premium service and even then, I've only been able to receive emails; to send and reply I still have to go to the website. And that's a problem for me because if I have to visit four or five distinct sites just to check my email, it would be enough of a hassle that I would end up checking it half as often as I do now, which is vital if I'm to keep on top of things :p It used to be possible to do that - that's what I do with my primary email address - but my other one doesn't :confused: So what about other email providers, like I dunno, gmail, hotmail, or whoever - do they let you get email on Mail?

    Any other advice you can think of regarding this endeavor would be much appreciated because I have to admit to feeling pretty swamped :eek: I really want to be able to put more content of my own out there, but I'm really wary of doing that without adequately shielding the more personal stuff from every nosy parker out there.

    thanks for reading through that :) I'm so friggin' helpless sometime lol.
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    If it's on the internet, people can find it. Having different e-mail addresses will not prevent this.

    Here's what I need to know:

    This is true regardless of provider.

    GMail does.

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