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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MrCatMan, Jan 26, 2016.

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    I'm off on a long haul flight on Saturday and wondered if an external battery pack can be used to recharge my iPad pro. I've got a whole bunch of films that I want to get through and not sure if the plan will include a USB charger. Are there any particular features that I should look out for? I couldn't see any chargers that list the iPad pro in their list of compatible devices and not sure if it is because they haven't updated the literature yet or because it specifically won't work. Recommendations gratefully received and the "cooler" it looks the better as I'm pretty shallow.
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    1. bigger capacity. since iPad pro has ~10k mah, and usual battery pack has conversion rate of somewhat 70%. so you need at least 14k - 15k mah battery to fully charge your iPad pro once.
    2. high output is a MUST. ALWAYS go for 2.4amp output ones. otherwise your iPad will consume battery faster than it charges. if you see 1Amp, or even 1.5Amp, just close the page and look for others.
    3. although iPad does not support quick charge, but if the battery support quickchage to itself, definitely a plus. with >15000mah capacity, it takes forever to recharge the battery. quick charge would be nice
    4. passthrough charging is another plus. so in the nights you just plug the battery into wall charger, and then plug iPad to the battery, so they get charged at the same time.

    0. usual inter-continental flights are 12-15 hours, if you sleep a little bit, have three meals, an iPad should last the whole flight.
    00. look for flights that provides USB ports on the seat, therefore you don't need battery at all
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    oh yeah, anker is a good brand to go to. top class quality, and not expensive at all.
    mophie is another good brand, apple sells it in their store too. but just definitely on the expensive side.
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    I love that charger and have it in white. An unexpected benefit is when I'm spending hours outside reading or watching baseball, I can use that to recharge my iPad. (My 1920's cottage only has one outdoor electrical outlet.)
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    Here is a good run down


    I'm thinking I'm gonna try the 26,800 mAh one for my next trip.
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    I have this one and like it but there is a newer updated version. Good price on this one though.
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    I recently found this one, http://www.simpizitron.com/, seems interesting, but need further review from some tech guys. Because we haven't know that if it's real that it can be fully recharged in 18 minutes just like what they said on this website...

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