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Dec 27, 2004

Today I placed my order for new dual 2.5Ghz G5 next week, and have left the video card at the standard ATI 9600, I know this is a week card, so what card should I upgrade to, I do a lot of heavy video editing, and am about to take up Motion. I have about £250, but would probably buy from OWC, to save money.

Thanks all

Demon Hunter

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Mar 30, 2004
Well this is always a fun game to play. I mean, there are just so many choices. Gosh, where to start.

So there is the nVidia 6800... and whoa! The ATI X800. Decisions, decisions. ;)

Really though, the 9600XT is starting to show its age, but is by no means a weak card. For Motion, however, it may very well be.

Either card above would probably work well with Motion. But really, try the 9600XT out first, and see what happens. It might just be able to keep up with your 2.5.


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Aug 24, 2003
you could probably sell your 9600xt on ebay for about £70 so at a stretch you coudl afford a 6800GT but i'd get an x800 it's cheaper faster at most things and only takes one slot

ok looking at prices you cant afford anything but a 9800se which is not that much faser than your 9600xt for the price, save up and get a 6800 or an x800

remember when ordering from owc you have to pay duty which is like 20%
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