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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by lidomkj, Nov 8, 2008.

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    I am interested in a 500 gb drive and not sure what to buy and where to get the best price. I noticed samsung had 5400 rpm 500 gb models. Does that mean I will have the same battery life I am getting now? Or is a 7400 lower capacity a better upgrade? I am concerned about battery life, same quiet/vibration free operation I have now. Read some reviews that the faster rpm increases vibration and reduces battery. I assume the slower 500 gb might be the right way to go.
    Also, what is the best/easiest method to install the OS and create an image of my cuurent programs/files. Never did this before. Usually just use external drive, but would like to have my entire movie collection without carrying more stuff.
    Do I need an enclosure or can I use my existing external drive?
    I have a 500gb simpletech mini external drive. Can I crack this open and put this drive in the notebook?

    Out of all the things I know about electronics, I am slightly Ricky Retardo about this subject since I never did this before.
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    Aug 21, 2004
    You can probably crack the external hard drive enclosure and pop it into the Macbook. Don't hurt the enclosure; put your Macbook hd in it.

    But you will have to reformat the 500gb with the included software discs, I'm sure you know that. The 500gb running at 5400rpm should be VERY fast and I would not worry about the heat. The macbooks are made to be their own heat sinks with the aluminum casings.

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