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Jun 30, 2006
The HD for my 2007 MacBook needs to be replaced, and I want to make sure I get the right one. The original hard drive is a SATA drive at 1.5Gbs speed (160GB). Would I be able to put a SATA II drive in there, or one at 3.0Gbs speed? I'm looking for the easy route here, and I've heard that if I get a SATA II drive I need to modify it first before installing it.

Thanks in advance!

tom vilsack

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Nov 20, 2010
ladner cdn
Put in a ssd (mine is even sataIII with no issues) it will be the one thing that will make your macbook feel like new...i can't stress enough,how big of a difference it makes...your macbook will preform like it's a new mbp...really!

I when for cost savings and bought a smallish (don't need the space) 60 gig OCZ Agility 3 ($48 after rebates)...but i hear the intel 320 and 520 models are rock solid and a 120gb 520 can be had for about $200.

ps: i also found doing a clean reinstall was best for performance rather then imaging old drive over to ssd (not sure why,but clean does post better #'s)
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