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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by dwd3885, Aug 9, 2007.

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    Dec 10, 2004
    Well I've been a very confused person going between PC and Mac the best two years, wasting money by selling macs and pcs in the process. So I've finally got all my debts paid off, and what do you know, I got a raise at my job so I'm finally able to afford another computer. Anyway, I don't really know about the new iMac or the old iMac, I never really liked an all-in-one desktop (I do have an HP Vista laptop).

    I found this sweet deal for an Acer 22'' widescreen monitor for just $200. So I figure I could get that and a mac mini for about $1000. That way, if I ever get enough money for a Mac Pro, I could just upgrade that without getting a whole new monitor. The iMac is great for someone like my parents who keep computers for 6-7 years, but for me, someone who likes to upgrade, it would be nice to always have a monitor there.

    Anyway, long post I know. But actually, my question is about the PowerMac G5s. If I can get a Dual G5 for $800, and a recently updated mac mini for $800, which should I get? I don't game, I do a lot of photoshop, indesign, illustrator, and iLife app work, along with dvd encoding, audio work, etc. I already have an external hard drive too.

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate the advice I always receive here
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    Jan 20, 2007
    The powermac g5s are beasts, and very powerful machines, however in your case, it might be worth your while to get an intel mini simply to play around with and you can run bootcamp and run all your windows software on it and on the g5 you couldn't have that option....

    Also, the mini would be easier to keep around later if and when you do upgrade to a mac pro tower as it takes up such little space and would make a great media server or something else later, as opposed to the g5 which is ginormous and would take up quite a deal of space later (not to mention it would be really big to ship if you ebay it... lol)

    2.0 ghz c2d can definitely handle all the stuff you do. My macbook proCD 2.0 handles that stuff like a charm, so I think, considering the intel processor and the ability to run bootcamp and all that and make it easy to use your laptop in connection with your desktop (windows programs to windows programs) if you need that ability... and the ability to easily use it anywhere else later in your home says...

    vote 1 for the mini.

    P.S. as my sig says, i have the 22inch acer monitor, while it's definitely no dell or acd, it's a really decent monitor for the price (i got mine at about 200 too) You will probably have to do some fiddling with the brightness, color and contrast when you first get it... took me about 10 min or so comparing the same window back and forth from my mbp to get it right, but after that, i have to say, it's a really nice monitor compared to others in the same price range (and let me tell you i compared A LOT of cheaper bargain 19s and 22s before settling on the acer lol. (i do design stuff too, not the most color accurate, but the best of the breed) ENJOY!
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    Dec 10, 2004
    thanks for the advice. i like the idea of just using the mini as sort of a media server type machine after it's done for me as a desktop.

    as for the monitor. it really seems like a great deal. i work at an isp and we have acer 19-inch widescreen monitors. they are really nice imo so i think the deal for a 22-inch one with 1680x1050 res is about as good as it gets
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    Oct 29, 2005
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    All I have to add is that I love my G5. I use it for pretty much all of CS2, along with pro-audio and video. It's pretty rare that I maxx out my processors (running multiple press-optimized .ps AND converting the finished ones in distiller at the same time came close).

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