Which iKlear/Klear Screen product for PB?

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Sydney, Australia

    Here is a page which lists all the Klear Screen and iKlear products I can buy in Australia. http://www.softconnect.com.au/pages/products/klearscreen/

    There are heaps and heaps of different products. Which one do I get? I just want one so I can clean the case, keyboard and trackpad (can u clean the trackpad?) of my new PB (I have heard bad things about using their products on the PB screen , so I just use a wet t-shirt - works a treat!). So i need sprays and cloths. Which one do u guys use? Should I buy the Super Starter Kit or iKlear iPod Kit (can be used with PBs) - some come with microfibre cloths others with polishing cloths :confused: Or should I buy the cloths and sprays separately?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Um... that's kind of weird considering the product is made for LCDs... I've used it on mine many times and it always does a great job. You just need to polish to get the streaks out. A wet t-shirt will scratch or add impurities from the water to the screen. If you're still not convinced, this is the stuff AppleCare uses. But each to his own.

    iKlear will work on the entire PowerBook... LCD and touchpad included.

    I prefer the little travel kits... a little more expensive but easy to tuck away in your briefcase. Each application includes the wet, pre-applied iKlear and a lint-free cloth for drying/polishing, which is what you should really be using. Optionally, a microfiber cloth will help get rid of streaks and polish to an excellent shine.

    Or you can buy the bottles and spray it yourself. :)
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    Sep 13, 2005
    IKlear Problems

    A month ago I purchased an iBook (G4) and within the past two weeks I have noticed grim spots on my white ibook where i rest my hands. I try to always wash my hands before I use my iBook, however I am assuming that is either grease or grime. I bought the iKlear travel wipes and they worked fine to get dust off the screen and keyboard,however they did not work at all on the hand spots. I am frustrated because I spent $15 for a product that did not work. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!
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    The travel wipes won't work good on grime. I suggest getting the bottle of iKlear and a microfiber cloth. The cloth will pick up all of the crap. I currently use Clean Dr. from any office supply store (I got it from Staples for $15) with microfiber. Works great on my iBook.

    This is how I use it.
    1. Have the iBook be cool (ie not running for a while/after a while in sleep mode)
    2. I spray cleaner on the microfiber cloth and clean the top. Flip cloth to dry side and dry.
    3. Spray cleaner on microfiber cloth and open iBook and clean screen then dry.
    4. Clean keyboard/trackpad area with wet/damp side and dry.

    Thats it. Do it like 2-3 times per week and keeps iBook in excellent condition.

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