Which iMac Graphics for Photoshop CS4?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Witchmark, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Witchmark macrumors newbie

    Mar 17, 2009
    I am thinking of getting an iMac. I will be doing mostly photo manipulation and 3D. I am not a professional, but expect to put quite a bit of time into my work. Apple rep thought I should buy an iMac 2.93 GHz so I could get an ATI Radeon HD 8450 512 MB - Is this good advice? Is the extra cost justified for what a I want to do? I am not a big-time gamer. Thanks, Mark
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    Aug 5, 2007
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    If you are doing 3D, than yes. For Photoshop, the GF9400m is enough, since it can accelerate the GUI trough GPU (canvas rotating, etc.)
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    Mar 12, 2007
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  4. Full of Win macrumors 68030

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    Nov 22, 2007
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    If you are doing only Photoshop, I'd say your money would be better spent on Photoshop books, or an external color calibrator rather than an upgraded video card. If however, you are also going to be using After Effects CS4 as well, then its a different story.

    Oh, and I use a pretty common 3D program called Cinema 4D, and I've not noticed much, if any, difference between video cards. Can't speak about other programs (e.g. Blender or Maya) though.

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