Which input for recording stage piano with Duet 2?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by jserafi, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Jan 26, 2012
    i've just bought the duet 2 and had big problems with hiss and background noise while trying to record a Yamaha digital piano through it. I've realised that it's the piano causing it as it's outputs are very noisy. A music shop suggested i change the input parameter from 'instr' to '-10dbv' to remove gain from a source which seems to have loud output. I've done this but the duet controls on screen now change to a non-controllable volume XLR connection. While changing the input to -10dbv has completely stopped the hiss it has also muted the piano and i can no longer hear it at all while trying to record in logic pro. I think this is because the piano is connected by two jack to jack (1/4 inch inputs) but on changing to the '-10dbv' input on the duet 2 it's showing an XLR connection. Does this suggest then i now have to change my leads from the piano to jack (1/4 inch) to XLR instead of jack to jack in order for it to work without any hiss or background noise? I really don't understand why this should be necessary though...The duet 'inst' input setting should easily accommodate guitar AND keyboards so it says in the user guide and online...Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

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    My hunch is that you have the output volume on the digital piano set very low... and you've been using the Apogee's gain to amplify both the small signal and the noise floor.

    Is there an output control on the piano that you can increase?
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    Jan 26, 2012
    Hi there

    unfortunately there is no output volume on the digital piano other than the main volume dial which is always seen between 3/4 and full volume. Hmm...

    i've just received some jack to female XLR leads which i've tried but now you can't change the input volume/gain on the duet of the piano at all and it all sounds very quiet to me though admittedly the hiss does seem to have disappeared! Argh...it seems to be one or the other...nothing is ideal....but i'm sure others aren't struggling with these very barbaric and basic recording problems!
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    What model keyboard do you have?

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