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Hello, I'm wondering which iPad I should get (Mini or Air). I will use it mostly for web-browsing at home, looking at YouTube videos in bed, and periodically taking it to school and maybe on the bus for 4G.

Another thing is, when do you think a refresh is coming out? I'm planning to buy this with YouTube adsense money, so every penny is hard to get (since I barely get views). I will probably get ~$400 in around 14 do you think a new version will come out by March this year of September? Or should I wait until next year?

Thanks for helping. :)


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May 3, 2009
The next refresh won't occur until the fall of 2014 and choosing the air vs. the rmini is a personal choice. Which form factor do you like the best?

I prefer the smaller one and recommend the mini, others here like the iPad Air and will recommend that.

Try both at your local apple store and see which one works the best for you


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Oct 13, 2011
The reviews that I've read suggest that the current gen with the A7 processors in them are a significant boost up from the last gen A5's. If you can swing it, that's what I'd go for. I mean, that IS what I'm going for; I'm planning to pick up a new retina mini in the next few days.
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