Which iPad to go for?


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Nov 15, 2018
I've decided to get myself a tablet and after a bit of early research, I think I'm going to go for an iPad (I'm not really an Apple person, but Samsung is so expensive) but I'm really stuck on which one to go for, so I was hoping some more experienced users could help point me in the right direction!

After I first looked around, I definitely though I'd go for the 2018 9.7" 32GB - I didn't really want the mini on a size basis and I don't think there's any point in getting a cellular one. But I did a bit of reading and it seems there are a fair few conflicting opinions when it comes to picking size

I'm a university student and there's no one reason why I'm looking to buy, but I suppose it's mainly a combination of convenience compared to either a phone/laptop for browsing and surfing and ability to do productivity bits & bobs - I'd primarily (I think) be using it to do a lot of the browsing/social media stuff I do now (Twitter, Facebook, News, Browsing etc) but I'd also probably use it a fair bit for university work, certainly no gaming or video editing.

I don't plan on storing anything but tiny amounts of photos/music, a few documents and maybe TV/film downloads when I go on a journey. I get the impression 32GB would be fine for this but that it a) wouldn't leave me much spare and b) if I ever changed the purpose of use, I'd be scuppered. I wouldn't be totally averse to spending the extra £90 going up to the 128GB version but I'd want to justify it to myself and it really feels like overkill?! Obviously the mini has this 128GB storage and I can get it at a cheaper price than the 32GB 9.7" but I've seen that the mini isn't recommended on here and also feel like I'm partly negating the point of a tablet with such a small screen.

Does anyone who's used the 32GB 9.7" for a similar general purpose have a recommendation either way? I've tried both in store and although I didn't have a problem with the Mini's screen size per se, I just can't help but feel after a couple of weeks, I'll regret the smaller size



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Dec 20, 2009
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If you plan to keep your iPad for a long time then I would go to the larger storage, even the little things add up over time. For your usage, the 6th gen iPad sounds like a great fit, I use mine for browsing, social media and Netflix, very fast little machine, plays most games on high as well.

I wouldn’t go mini because of how outdated the hardware is inside it, I don’t even know why it’s still being sold with those specs, definitely getting closer to the end of it life cycle. And honestly, I went from an 8 inch tablet to this iPad and I find this size to be way more useful, I stopped using the smaller tablet well before getting this iPad because I didn’t feel it offered a much better experience then just using my phone, where as this size it’s more like using a laptop for browsing and shows.


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Jan 6, 2005
32GB will be tight. After you download a few apps and a few pictures and videos you will be pretty much out of space.

You can probably find a used iPad Pro for not a whole lot more than a new 9.7”.


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Aug 8, 2009
I feel the extra storage space (128), is well worth the additional cost over the useful life of the device.


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Nov 16, 2018
I've always had the 32g or smaller. I have a 32g now. I have about 3g of photos, 2 movies, apps etc and am using 23.7g of 32. I have never ran out of space yet. After watching the movies they will be deleted, I really don't need the pics so I would delete them if I run low on space. All my pics are also on my pc or phone.