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Jun 20, 2010
We already have a 16gb iPad 1 3G, a 32 gb wifi iPad 2, and now I can't decide which to keep for my new one. Would you keep the 16gb Verizon or 32 gb Verizon? I will get 4g service and plan to stream most of my viewing media. I have never put music on my iPads bc I have it on my iPhone. Could I really fill up an iPad with a full 16 gb with apps? Will the retina apps really be that much bigger? The other two iPads are my kids and I'm hoping to keep mine for me and theirs for them.


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Oct 7, 2004
Raleigh, NC
This is a hard thing to advice on but for me the 16 is big enough,
I have about 900 pictures, 85 apps, 15 books, 32 comics and a whole bunch of PDF and documents on the 16 Gb and have about 7.3 Gb left over.
I don't put on any music or movies and mostly stream them but every so often I do add a movie or 2 but delete them as soon as I'm done with them.
Between this and dropbox i feel that I have plenty of capacity and if I find out that I need more I'll just get me one of those new wifi hard drives like the seagate for a couple hundred bucks but will have like 500 gigs of space and everyone here will be able to tab into it.


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Mar 13, 2012
Depends on your app use. I had a 64 iPad 2 and sold it for the iPad 32. I will need to delete a lot of apps and what things because it is almost full. With the 64, it didn't matter.


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Jul 22, 2011
Even if the apps aren't that much bigger, if they all increase by 10-30% then it's going to add up. The 16GB seems a bad buy to me, apps alone will start to eat up on that 14GB of space quite quickly, especially 3D games, Asphalt is 800MB now (admittedly I have no idea how much it was before) and probably unpacks to more than that.

Since you seem to have to use the same apps as those on the new screen a 16GB 1 or 2 will fill up just as fast as a 3rd gen.

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Jul 16, 2002
I've had a 32GB w/ both the original and 2. Due to a major screw up on my part I erased my last backup when I sold my 2 and had to start from scratch this time. I bumped up to a 64 b/c my 2 was using 28GB and I figured if I took any videos or stuff I'd easily be stuck.

A funny thing happened when I started over though. I picked out 10 books, 128 apps, and 2 videos. I don't put music on my iPad b/c I have it on my iPhone for on-the-go, and my Macs @ home. My usage came to 11GB. I was stunned it was so little because I have some big apps like Madden which are nearly 1GB by itself. So it's clear to me I would have been just as well off with a 32GB if I just paid more attention to apps I never, ever, ever use but neglect to remove.

I think the best way to figure out what you'll be putting on it and then add 8GB for future adds. There is a legit use scenario for every model, unlike some products which have a low priced one that is useful to no one but gets people in the door.