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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jazzer15, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I've been holding off on an iPad upgrade for some time, but I think that time has come. My current iPad is an Air (1st gen) 32GB w/cellular and it has (and continues to) serve me well. I do most things of substance on my iMac and don't use my phone (which also needs an upgrade) too much other than as a phone as I commute with my iPad and have it with me most of the time and I prefer a larger screen than any of the phones can provide for the internet.

    iPad use is really primarily for internet, as a sheet music reader, sometimes as an ebook reader, etc. and the same types of things people use their phones for. Nothing too earth shattering. I do need cellular regardless of which iPad I get.

    How much of an upgrade would the 9.7 inch iPad vs the iPad Air? Would it maybe make more sense to get a 10.5 iPad Pro? -- I am assuming there will be holiday sales. Would there be a big difference in day to day use?

    The 11 inch would be an option if I decided to splurge, but for my use I'm not sure it makes sense except that I tend to keep my iPads for a long time and it would have the longest life of all the iPads (at a premium). But any money saved could be used toward a phone upgrade. I have also thought about a Macbook Air, but for commuting the iPad is really more convenient and the Macbook Air doesn't have built in cellular as an option.

    Edit: I just noticed that I posted a similar question after the 10.5 was introduced, but I never upgraded at that point. Sorry for the duplicate question, but I hope to get some more recent thoughts given the new 9.7 and 11 inch models.
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    Mar 9, 2012
    I am in the same boat (but less the cellular).

    My current take is 11 pro (new), 10.5 pro or 2018 9.7 Ipad. I did previously own a 2018 9.7 and it is faster - but same basic form factor and so will not "wow" you. Sent it back for reasons not related to the device itself.

    Negatives on the 11 are price, lack of touch id and inability to cover camera and no headphone jack
    Negatives on 10.5 (vs 11) are performance and lack of USB C
    Negatives on 9.7 (vs 10) are screen and older touch id.

    I am leaning towards 10.5 - from Apple refurb store.
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    Wait until they are at the Apple store and maybe visit to see what you like the most.
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    Probably the 9.7". 10.5" isn't that much bigger, but is more future proof since it has double the RAM. But for the price difference you could put that away for another standard iPad in two years that would be faster than the 10.5" for sure.
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    Oct 8, 2010
    Thanks all. I'm not sure yet, but tentatively leaning toward the 10.5 if I can get it at a good price. Seems to be a happy medium in terms of price/form/longevity. But as Newtons suggests, I definitely want to see the 11 inch in the store and I'll compare it to the others when I am there.

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