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Apr 5, 2011
My younger brother's birthday is coming up. He's going to be 20. We were contemplating getting him an iPod or other MP3 player since he listens to so much music. But there's a problem...

He's gone through close to a dozen iPods in the past 4-5 years. He doesn't replace them. He just... looses them. :(

So we're thinking something cheap, but also something with at the very least 4 GB of storage. Any ideas?

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Oct 14, 2010
get him this to wear around his neck


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Clix Pix

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Can you tell me the exact name of the product? Thanks

I was curious about that, too, and so did some poking around in Amazon until I found the VanMobile Gear (VMG) Lanyard Neck Strap for 6th-gen iPod Nano. It comes in several colors (including my favorite, orange) and is a whopping $7.95. Guess what I'll be ordering as soon as I get confirmation that my old 1st gen iPod Nano is indeed going to be replaced by a shiny little 6th-generation Nano?! I think that the neck strap and wrist straps for the iPod Nano are a great idea and I'm really looking forward to experimenting with them.
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