Which is a better deal?


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Dec 8, 2009
Ok, I have the option to get a

MacBook Pro 13"
2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB DDR3 Memory
160 GB Hard drive
All for $929


2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB (2x1 GB) DDR3 Memory
250 GB Hard drive
All for $849

My question is: which is a better deal? I mean, which one will be faster for website design/editing, graphic design, and light video editing. It looks like just the regular MacBook is, but I want to know what you guys think.


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Feb 6, 2010
On the fence
Between those two, the MacBook is easily a better deal. It has a better CPU, GPU, bigger hard drive, and is cheaper. If you want to edit things, you may consider getting 4GB RAM, it's relatively cheap (I just got 4GB for my MacBook for $93 at newegg.com), and it should be a decent performance increase, especially with photo editing.

EDIT - the MacBook also has a 10-hour battery versus the MBP's 7-hour unit