which is a better option office 8 or office 11 for MBP

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by deepak.mundade, Nov 12, 2010.

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    I was shipped a new DVD of Office 11 as I had purchased Office 8 just couple of months back. I have installed Office 11 and presently my machine has both Office 8 and Office 11 running. Is office 11 much better than Office 8? Can both co-exist on MBP. how do i remove one incase I want to use only one of them?
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    In theory, v11 should be a bit better, with a couple of extra features and better performance. If you have the pro version, it has Outlook, if you care for it. Otherwise, it will have word, excel and powerpoint with the same basic standard functions as v.08. But v.11 may have a few glitches, since its new.

    IMO, any Office app is a "necessary evil", and a bit of a POC apps. I'd keep v.11 - you might as well get used to it - and uninstall v.08 to save some space and avoid conflicts. To uninstall, just use the Remove Office app located in the MSOffice 08 folder (see pic).


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