which is best to buy macbook/macbook pro?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by blackteak, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Looking into buying a new laptop. I'm new to macs, hating PCs right now. id be using this for everyday use (internet, wordprocessing, light photoediting) im a nursing student.

    My choices are between a refurb aluminum macbook & a macbook pro 13. Ive read lots about the crappy screen on the alum macbook. Is it really that bad? Should i go for the macbook pro? Or wait until its avail as a refurb? Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for such a general noob question.
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    Some people hate the screens, whether on the macbook or macbook pro. I'd suggest you go to an apple store and compare them. Personally I don't think they are really that different.

    The screen issues are mostly noticed in things such as fine detail photo editing.
    I have a new 13" macbook pro and the screen seems fine to me.

    There's lots of talk about 'bleeding' on the screen, but I have to admit the only way I can notice it is on a screen that's set all black, which you don't normally do anyway.

    I'd get a macbook pro - I find it more useful, and I love the touchpad. This is the first touchpad I've really used. On my old iBook I never used the touchpad - just took a mouse with me.

    For your uses, either computer will be suitable.
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    Dec 10, 2008
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    The original uni mb screens in late 08 left a lot to be desired, especially the 9c89 model: poor contrast, lousy display differentiation of darker hues and an extremely narrow viewing angle. The 9c8c weren't quite as bad, and I fine mine to be acceptable.

    Apple, like North Korea, never admits that it made a mistake (except for the mobile me rollout fiasco). In the early part of 2009, Apple did a stealth update to its unibody macbooks and started using better screens until they quit making them in June. Especially compared with the originals, feedback on the newer ones have been positive. Where they stand in comparison to the new 13" mbp's, I'm not sure.

    Either choice can be a valid option, and both should easily do what you're wanting to accomplish. IMO, it's a crapshoot about what screen you'll get. But, if you get the macbook and the screen sucks, get on the phone with applecare (don't mention anything about mac forums or the screen model number) and tell them you're sending it back because the screen is unacceptable. (I managed to get a 9c89 swapped with no restocking fee by showing the genius at my apple store an apple video of the october 2008 focus on laptops event, and even he had to admit the contrast was terrible).

    OTOH, getting a new mbp is more of a sure bet if you're able and willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars more. You'll also get the new battery, sd card slot, and firewire (in case you'll ever want to use it).

    Another option is to get a used uni mb off of craigslist, all of which should be covered under original applecare warranty until october of this year at the earliest. Ive seen people selling the base model 2 ghz 09 models for $900, and it includes no sales tax. If you go this route, make sure you get a copy of the receipt, and bone up on how to verify what the screen's model number is. Taking a black and white or film noir movie on dvd with you to inspect the contrast is a good idea, too. Make sure you meet them in a public place (no shipping with CL!) and spend some time with the computer before you buy it.
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    Feb 15, 2009
    Personally I would go for the new Macbook Pro. Mainly because it is a newer product, it can have a faster processor than the MacBook (depending on model), the screen is apparently a huge improvement and the extra battery life. [​IMG]

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