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Which is better LCD or OLED displays?

  • LCD - Like XR & 8

    Votes: 30 21.9%
  • OLED - Like XS & X

    Votes: 107 78.1%

  • Total voters


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Original poster
Mar 4, 2018
Between displays like the XS & X OLED vs XR’s & 8’s LCD display.......which do you think is better?

Just getting a consensus from MacRumor members which type of display they think is better.

There seems to be a (silly) debate as to which is better vs which is better “to each individual personally” and I’d like to put the debate to rest, that regardless which one prefers, there is a better display to the populous.

So to clarify, If no other specs matter between the phones, only the displays, which is better?

Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
The OLED display was great on my X. Love it on my MAX. I like the colors a bit better and the blacks seem so much blacker. There is nothing wrong with a good LCD screen but just prefer the OLED.
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Oct 10, 2013
I was always envious of the OLED screens on Samsung's phones, the LCDs on the iPhones just didn't really give off the same "pop" that they did. I skipped the X since I wasn't a huge fan of losing some screen real estate compared to the Plus phones, so I grabbed an 8+ instead at the time. My new XS Max screen is absolutely fantastic though, can't go back to a regular LCD phone after this. The color shift when using the phone at different angles is a bit annoying though, but I can get used to it.


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Sep 24, 2007
OLED is general is better than LCD...........but we have no idea what the hell is apple doing with these oled display.
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Jun 18, 2017
It obviously depends on the person whether an OLED screen is £250 better than the best LCD though. I know I wouldn’t pay that much more just for OLED but some people are very much swayed these days.
In my case it's $450 more to get OLED. Crazy.

US$799 for 128 GB XR vs $1249 for 256 GB Max.

The XS doesn't count since it displays way less information on screen than the XR.
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Nov 19, 2013
I voted OLED, really only because I love true blacks. Apple have historically had the best LCD displays in the business, so I’d be perfectly happy with an LCD as well.

I prefer Apple’s LCD to anyone else’s OLED though. I pick up a certain type of ‘grain’ with other OLED displays that are not present in LCD or Apple’s OLED. It’s likely because of the pentile subpixel matrix, but Apple calibrates their OLED design at the subpixel level and it really shows.


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Oct 31, 2015
3 years ago this poll would be widely in favor for LCD. Stating how OLED is too saturated / too much burn in. iPhone has it now so of course OLED is better.


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Jan 17, 2013
Wales, United Kingdom
I suppose technically speaking it can be stated OLED is the better technology. However with a topic like this you will inevitably get discussion over ‘preference’ which is very different. I must admit I answered with what I prefer rather than what is supposedly better.
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Aug 19, 2017
Both have their advantages and disadvantages, the saturation and deep blacks on oled look great and for darker content it’s a battery boon, while pentile, PWM dimming and higher power consumption for bright content is less good. LCD has consistent power draw, RGB stripe, longer lifespan, regular backlight dimming, and tends to have better uniformity (IPS can and does suffer from colour tint/ shift to an extent though) but looks more washed out, is bulkier (being made up of several bonded layers), and lacks some of the features oled allows for like ultra narrow bezels and always on display without gulping down power.

If I had to choose, right now for my personal taste LCD is still the overall better (more balanced and mature) tech.
OLED. The price says it all. They are selling an LCD phone 250 cheaper than OLED
That’s simply supply & demand, with oled Samsung can pretty much ask what they want and Apple have to pay it. With LCD there’s a larger, more mature market keeping costs lower. As for why Apple are willing to pay the premium, they obviously value the particular advantages oled offers (narrower bezels, deeper blacks and punchier colours) enough the price and other drawbacks are ‘worth it’...


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Jun 17, 2015
Eastern Canada
I do not think there is a clear cut answer. OLED looks nicer in general, but it does have some funny little quirks that make LCD still superior in some respects. I’ve had my XS (first OLED device) for a few days. While I definitely love the punchy colours and deep blacks, I find my eyes tend to feel a little more strained then when I was using my 6s. Also scrolling on my XS feels a little more choppy than on my 6s, (esp at low screen brightness) but I gather that is just inherent of the OLED screen. The Sceen on my XS is amazingly uniform though. Every LCD device I’ve ever owned has always been a bit warmer or cooler from one side of the scrren to the other. Not so on the XS (though maybe I’ve just won the screen lottery :rolleyes:).
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